Dr Hairy’s Research Summaries, February 2015

For more about Dr Hairy’s Research Summaries, visit http://www.drhairy.org/concrete5/index.php/research-summaries/ . Subjects covered this time:

Margaret McCartney: Don’t be bullied into prescribing Tamiflu

BMJ 2015;350:h417

The General Medical Council and doctors’ financial interests

BMJ 2015;350:h474

Weight change and risk of fracture in postmenopausal women

BMJ 2015;350:h60

The drooling child

BMJ 2015;350:h38

Margaret McCartney: Industry’s interest in diagnosing more dementia

BMJ 2014;349:g7480

Is it a stroke?

BMJ 2015;350:h56

Long working hours are linked to risky alcohol consumption

BMJ 2015;350:g7800

How much is too much breast screening?

BMJ 2015;350:h139

Type 2 diabetes and risk of cancer

BMJ 2015;350:g7707

Quantifying and monitoring overdiagnosis in cancer screening: a systematic review of methods

BMJ 2015;350:g7773

Should doctors encourage patients to record consultations?

BMJ 2015;350:g7645

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