The NetArtizens Project and Isla Del Hierro Virtual

The Furtherfield organisation is currently running a project called NetArtizens, about what it means to be an artist and a citizen of the Net. There are lots of interesting posts about this on the NetBehaviour discussion-list, and one of the most striking contributions so far is a set of images by Paul Hertz called Isla Del Hierro Virtual . He describes them as

‘a series of glitched images of the Island of Hierro in the Canary Islands, captured form Google Street View. I lived on that island for a while in the 1970s, when the only way to get there was by boat four times a week. International communication was by a special phone in the Central Telef√≥nica. It was really far away. Now it is so close by I can visit it by internet any time I want.’

For ‘glitched’ read ‘corrupted, either accidentally or deliberately’.

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