New Media Writing Prize, 2015

The New Media Writing Prize, which is run by Bournemouth University and IF-Book (the Institute for the Future of the Book) is now in its sixth year and has just announced its annual call for entries, first prize £1000:

We are looking for good storytelling (fiction or non-fiction) written specifically for delivery and reading/viewing on a PC or Mac, the web, or a hand-held device such as an iPad or mobile phone… 

The essence of new-media writing for us is great storytelling which uses anything and everything that digital media can offer, along with user/audience interactivity. It’s got to be something that couldn’t work in ‘old’ media.
Every year I find fault with these criteria, firstly because of the emphasis on storytelling – much of the  best new media work being poetry or some other form of non-narrative work – and secondly because of the insistence on user/audience interactivity – which ignores things like generative text.  To be fair to them, though, when it comes to the judging they seem to be more broadminded than these guidelines might suggest. What’s more, it’s a big prize as new media goes, certainly the biggest one in the UK; it’s been going quite  long time in new media terms; and it has consistently pulled in some interesting work.

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