New work from Pall Thayer and Dave Miller

Pall Thayer’s Objects of Art is a series of JavaScripts, each of which creates a cleverly-decorated window in your web browser. If you read the code you’ll see that he’s given the functions names that wittily refer to the objects created by the code – nerdy humour perhaps, but being a bit of a nerd I really like it. Viewers of the work can change the code and then see what difference their changes make to the web-objects created, and he’s intending to add some functionality so that these amendments can be saved a become part of the permanent project. You can see all of this at

Dave Miller’s Opinion in a Cube is a typically forthright political piece about Jeremy Corbyn. It’s in the form of a virtual cube which you can manipulate to see different pictures and bits of text on each of the six sides. It’s a nice piece of design, and in terms of the writing the best side is a mock-up newspaper column headed Daily Mailograph: Ten Reasons Why Voting for Corbyn will Lead to Civil War, which is really funny.

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