The Christmas Robins, picture 11

“‘Don’t peck his nose,’ said Mary, who was sitting next to the manger. ‘He’s only just been born.’
So she gave them some bread.
‘Thanks very much,’ said Robbie.
‘That bread’s stale,’ said Ropey.
‘I like it best when it’s stale,’ said Rupert. ‘Stale bread is super!’
‘Why did you come here?’ said Mary.
‘We heard the angel telling the shepherds about Christmas,’ said Robbie. ‘So we thought we’d come too.’
‘I’m ever so glad we did,’ said Rupert.
‘It was a blooming long way,’ said Ropey. ‘And now we’ve got to go back.'”

From the new picture book by myself and Mollie Macgregor-Kinnis.

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